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Sturdy and secure crates and cartons as well as other appropriate packing materials are essential to protecting your valuable assets during a move.

Corrugated Boxes:

G-Movers’s cartons are available in all shapes and sizes and come with complimentary tape and labels (if required). We have boxes of following sizes.


  •       Small boxes (for books and heavy items)
  •       Medium boxes (for kitchenware and decoration pieces)
  •       Large box (for light items like toys etc.)
  •       Lay by boxes (for folded clothes)
  •       Wardrobe boxes (for hanging clothes)

Built to withstand travel, our cartons are twin-walled to make them stronger and sturdier.



G-movers’s environmentally friendly crates are specifically designed and made from recyclable plastic to provide a reusable and secure container for transportation of goods.

G-Movers crates are:

  •        Clean
  •        Crushproof
  •        Easy to assemble, and
  •        Quiet and efficient to use

box02They also have built-in lifting handles to make them easier to transport.

Special Material:

 Some special equipment can require very specific materials. G-Movers also provides:

  •       Plastic rolls
  •       Bubble rolls
  •       Corrugated sheets
  •       Stretch Films
  •       Wrapping paper
  •       Thermocol sheets

We also make crates for specific items that need that extra special care and attention.

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